Saturday, 21 March 2009

RAINBOW - joy! Woolly colour goodness!!!

GOOD MORNING!!!! It's been simply the BEST kind of morning for me and I'm just grinning and jumping for joy. The above wool has just ARRIVED and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it, nay you could say - oooh I just cannot find the words?
Adore? Obsessed? Energised? very very VERY excited?! Better than sex? Maybe... Orgasmic? You bet!
A rainbow of wool : as ordered from YEOMAN YARNS last week, 15 FABULOUS bright colours in PURE 100% WOOL and at a price that ''won't break the bank''....oops I forgot our banks are already broken....Well then at only £2 a ball!!!
Above is my first rainbow- as advised my my kids as I forgot the proper order- It's red first they say and ends in bluey- purple....
It was too long in a line so I've looped it around....see?!

This one includes the pinks too- I don't think they feature in a ''proper'' rainbow....

And then I was playing with colur combos- red green sprang to mind- due to the grass I think.

Here's my perennial all time FAVOURITE: the blue- purples with a dash of green and a LOT of TURQUOISE.
And this is to leave you all warm and glowing- think sizzling hot, or crackling log fires ( without the pinks) or just loving goodness, tlc,passion, caring, zesty energy!

What will I make? Well I have ordered 2 balls of most, 1 of some and 4 of my most favourites and at the moment I'm thinking RIPPLE STITCH blanket. In even or uneven width stripes...
Order of colours not yet decided- will do a few samples to decide gauge , hook , stitch pattern etc.
OR you could do the hexagon thing! Pattern in 2 previous blogs: how to crochet 1 hexagon- date and how to join them as you go along- date for a pictorial tutorial....
OR maybe a granny squares one? Attic 24's flower squares? or a BABETTE afghan as per the interweave crochet website?!
Stripes are my all time fall-back favourite so I'm most likely to take the ripple stitch route.
But I may change my mind because D1 ( daughter number 1) has ''ordered'' a ripple stitch bedspread - single size I hope!- in the blues/ greens colourway.
What would YOU make?
Wool in those colours is in stock now . ( tel 0116 2404464) I'm NOT on commission and NOT selling but they HAVE ordered 20 balls in all those colours so I am ever so ever so grateful.
GOT TO GO! Lots of crochet to do as well as dog to walk and puppies to cuddle and feed their weaning mush.... 3 weeks old now.

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