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Hexagon Joining as you crochet TUTORIAL in pictures.

SO SORRY this was meant to be a good way to show how I join hexagons as you finish the third round as worked in my back pack. the pictures loaded in the wrong order so bear with me and I will number the sequence for you. START with picture 1. scroll down to find it, then scroll up picture by picture.

The description of each picture is UNDER that relevant picture.ALL crochet terms used are UK ones.( for USA: A DC is a SC, A treble is a dc.)

OK LET'S HAVE A GO!"!!! You will need one completed hexagon - pattern in my previous post- and one hexagon with completed first 2 colours and the third is complete for the first 3 SIDES ONLY. NOW GO TO PICTURE 1.

This is picture 5 where we start working the next group of ordinary trebles .Just after the first JOINING dc.So you are now working only on the partially completed hexagon again. OK? GO TO PIC 6.
This is picture 4 , showing the just completed FIRST dc of the join.

This is picture 3 , you now draw the yarn through this hole and work a dc.So draw up the yarn as shown and work it.

Here above the writing is PICTURE 2. We have worked a group of 3 trebles at the corner and are now sticking the hook into the completed hexagon ( instead of just working a chain and the next group of trebles) see picture 2. I do this from top to bottom into the hole between 2 groups of trebles on a corner of the completed hexagon.

this is picture 1: see the tiled floor? ONE COMPLETED HEXAGON and one with 3 sides completed.
Start with the picture with the tiled floor showing : this is where we start to join hexagons.

NOW you need to scroll UP to the picture above to see we are going to push the hook into the completed hexagon in the opening in the centre of a corner between the 2 petals ( a petal is a group of 3 trebles)

HERE'S PICTURE 9 where there are those 2 loops on the hook....Now you need to scroll down and find number 9. I am so sorry... Still now it's more fun: like a treasure hunt?

This is picture 8 where we are going to work a dc : pull yarn through- 2 loops on hook, then yarn over and through both loops, dc made.( you can also work this method with slipstitch but I find that too tight and more tricky to do...)

This is picture 7 where we stick the hook top to bottom into the completed hexagon .We do this in the gap after the 3 trebles of the corner BUT before the 3 trebles that sit alone in the middle of a side. COMPRENDEZ? Have a close look , the pictures are clickable. Or leave me a message and I will try to help.

THIS IS PICTURE 6 AGAIN, did I say I was tired? well yes I am, it's those lovely puppies on my other blog... Or as teachers would say: ''just checking you are all awake....''

This is picture 6 we have now completed those 3 trebles. scroll UP.
This is picture 9 where I am working the dc.
This is picture 10 showing the completed joining dc.
This is picture 10 where we are working a group of 3 trebles again.We are now working on the partially completed hexagon only. It's those 3 trebles that sit in the midddle of the side of a 3 colour hexagon.
Picture 11: working the 2nd of the 3 trebles.
Picture 12: just completed the 3rd treble.Now it will be time to join again.

Picture 12 : we are sticking the hook from top to bottom into the completed hexagon, this time in the space between the central 3 trebles group and the first 3 trebles group of the next corner. yarn over, pull through,2 loops on hook, yarn over and through both loops: dc worked.

Picture 13 shows the yarn pulled through.
Picture 14 shows me starting the next group of 3 trebles on the partially completed hexagon, having completed the joining dc. You can just see the joining dc above the hook: it's the blue green triangle above the hook which ''slots'' into the pink of the completed hexagon....

Picture 15 shows the first treble made.

Picture 16 shows the 3 trebles made; THESE ARE THE FIRST GROUP OF THE CORNER of the partially completed hexagon. Can you see the corner lines up with the completed hexagon?
Picture 17 shows the start of the next JOIN: hook from above onto the completed hexagon.
This time we put it into the space between the 2 groups of 3 trebles of the corner of the completed hexagon.
See as above. Picture 18: work a dc as before.

Picture 19: dc worked. You should now have the 2 hexagons joined by 4 dc's evenly spaced .
( with groups of 3 trebles between the joins)
Pic 20: work a group of 3 rebles as usual, you will only be working on the partially completed hexagon now. However If you were joining it to another hexagon you'd carry on repeating the dc joins onto the next hexagons.....
IF there was a hexagon already joined to the pink one and this other hexagon was lying at the top of the picture above: THEN I work a joining dc into the pick hexagon THEN ANOTHER joining dc into the NEXT hexagon ( already attached to the pink one) and then turn back to the groups of 3 trebles of the greens hexagon....
Picture 21
BUT in this case you can just complete the greens hexagon as usual.
Picture 22 : almost completed the greens one.

Picture 23: VOILA : DONE!!!!! 2 hexagons joined with 4 dc's.

I do hope this is found to be helpful and useful?
If you have any questions do send a message or a comment and I'll do my best to help out.


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