Sunday, 8 March 2009

COLOURFUL CROCHET : a hexagon back pack

Here it is as a WIP but let me tell you I finally finished it yesterday!!!
I started it in June 2008 after being inspired by a picture in the May/June 08 issue of Crochet Today.

I decided to use cotton DK instead of the aran yarn so I had to adapt a bit, and a bit more and a bit more until it turned out A LOT DIFFERENT really.

I have been using stash yarns: cotton DK with approx 120 m on a 50 g ball:
a golden yellow, several dark terracotta browns, a light terracotta brown, a'' true'' red , an orangey red, a deep almost brown red, and at the end when I was running out : an orange from Rowan's handknit cotton range.
I also used some 4 ply cotton from Patons- used double -to keep going with the reds I liked.

You need a 4mm hook or 4.5mm if you like it a bit looser and use a lot of the almost aran type Rowan cotton.

I made 36 hexagons: 4 rows of 9, and 18 pentagons: 2 rows of 9 and another 10 hexagons for the optional closure flap.
Then added: a base as above and 2 straps, covered a large ball-bead with dc crochet as a button and a cord of chain stitch with a second row of slipstitch along it's length.

Hexagon: ( in UK terms: every dc is a sc and every treble a dc for USA readers)

Chain 4 and close with a slip st.,
Chain 3 and add 2 trbles into the ring,*chain1, treble3, repeat from * until you have 5 groups of 3 trebles and one group of a 3 ch and 2 tr. Slipst into the 3rd chain of the first group.

Change colour, chain3 into a chain space add 2 tr,ch1,tr3, into the same ch space, then * ch1 , tr3,ch1,tr3 into the next chain space, repeat from * until you have 6 groups of ''double petals'' , finish round by ch1 and slipstotch into the 3rd chain at the beginning of round.

( a petal is a group of 3 trebles)

Change colour: Fasten new colour into a chain space and if you hold the yarn end along the previous row you can crochet over it and avoid having to sew in the ends!!!

Now pay attention: you are going to crochet 2 groups of 3 trebles into the chain space between 2 petals and only 1 group of 3 trebles into the space between the groups of 2 petals: Comprendez?

Fasten into a ch sp between 2 groups of 2 petals, chain3 and add 2 tr, then mover to the next ch sp and work:* 3tr,1ch,3tr ,move to next ch sp and work 3tr then repeat from * until yoi are back at the firsy 3 chain and slip st onto the 3rd st of this. FINITO!

To convert the HEXAGON into a flat topped: PENTAGON you do the same for the first colour and then instead of working 6 groups of 2 petals for the second colour ; you work 5 groups of 2 petals and ONE group of just 3 trebles.
Then in the third colour: 4 sides are identical to the hexagon BUT the final side is: worked as a group of 3 trebles in each chain space across the flat edge after the corners have been worked as double petals. I can't seem to say this very clearly so have a look at the pictures and all will become clear!

Remember they are clickable so you can enlarge at really see ALL of the detail!!! It's alomost or actually as good as a diagram which I myselg always prefer to work from!!!

Later in the week I will try to make time to show in pictures how the hexagons are crocheted together in the final round: there's no sewing at all!!! I worked them in the round no side seams.

Base and straps to follow tomorrow as I have puppy duties to do!!!
For an update on the puppies: see the dachshund diaries on

The straps were lined in a polka dot cotton and then sewn on and the end were decorated with a duo of buttons: a large red one and a smaller yellow square one.

The yellow drawstring cord was finished with a pair of tassels and the bag is fully lined in a red cotton fabric. I have reinforced the base with a piece of plastic canvas.
I made a flap for security as in August 2008 I was robbed of my wallet while walking in Oxford and I felt a backpack is very open to such abuse as I do not have eyes in theback of my head- contrary to what my kids believe.......
So to cover the drawstring opening I have made a 10 hexagon flap and sewn this onto the bag.

More details to follow.

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