Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Foot surgery week 2 and 3.

 In week two also I made a waterproof cover for the sandal so I could visit Lucy Clark and Towersey dancers and not worry about the rain getting my stitches or surgical wounds wet.
Here I am drawing round my foot on tablecloth plasticised cotton fabric to make a shoe.
I also started wearing a sock over the bandage because after the stitches were removed on 14 September my foot shrunk and was slim enough to fit into a sock even when bandaged.
Another step on the recovery journey. 
Though I was lucky and never had any bleeding or significant bruising or swelling of the foot or the ankle at all.

I think this is the new new bandage the GP practice nurse put on after removing the stitches.
Their removal was very painful indeed despite dosing up beforehand and I just about fainted when all the blood rushed to my feet and my head grew dizzy and light headed on the couch.
So I stayed on the couch for a wee while, recovering.

A shoe , quickly sewn and stuck together in 3 parts so that it can easily be removed or fitted gently over the top of the surgical sandal.
First a sole was cut, from a tracing with a seam allowance added.
Then a front was modelled from a curved semi-oval with extra fabric in the curve so it could be pleated into a dome shape. This was  sewn onto the toe end of the sole plate.

Then the heel cover is a rectangle which flows from under the front cover flap round the back of the heel and into the cover at the other side.
This too was sewn onto the sole plate. 
Gaffer tape is used to reinforce the sole a bit and to join the heel cover to the toe cover at each of the sides. VOILA! And it works a treat!
I have worn it cycling and to Towersey a few times and to Lucy Clark and to Bath as well as having it in my bag in case of rain when out cycling.

Now for a bit more of the foot itself. 
After the nurse warned me NOT to renew the bandages every 2-3 days like the hospital had said, she said there wasn't enough and it would be too tricky?
She said leave it to weekly?
 I was only too happy to go along as I had hated stitches removal day and was dreading doing the bandages all alone.  After about 4-6 days after the stitches were out I was simply DYING for a shower- I had been flannel over a basin washing and washing my hair over the bath standing ''upside down like''  and it was all getting too much.  I had a shower with my bandaged foot encased in plastic and gaffer taped down but it STILL got al wet inside there and I had to re do the bandage myself.
BEWARE yukky pictures coming up DO NOT LOOK if QUEASY!

The skin looks so awful as the GP nurse doused my foot in Iodine after she removed the stitches, to disinfect but that's a very brown and staining liquid, and it stings like hell.
 My poor skin all crinkly from the elasticated crepe bandaging.
This is the right foot and I'm a bot concerned I cannot straighten it properly as needed for dancing, but I DARE NOT TRY TOO HARD as the boned may not be all mended and joined up yet.
This is the left foot with a nice straight line across the ankle at least.
 So Funny! This was my attempt at keeping the foot dry even AFTER the stitches were removed
It so DID NOT work! My foot ended up swimming in a pool of water inside the plastic . yuk.

A plastic bag boot with a sealed end ....

This is the foot on Thursday 22 September....
And then I neatly bandaged it and strapped the 3rd toe as I was told to do and took a lot of painkillers and slept a lot as it was all hurting quite a bit still.


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