Sunday, 5 April 2009

COLOUR striping progress

Easter holidays are upon us and I am having a glorious couple of weeks off : lots of crocheting goodness, wooly happiness awaits me...!!!To touch base I have taken a few pictures today , this is the crocheting that has happened while waiting at drs, piano lessons, maths classes, watching dvd's or I-player catch ups and so on : ie this was crochet as it's fitted in around my usual life priorities and commitments...
I am SOOOO HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY at these colours!!! So I have indulged a little in maybe a few too many pictures? I like certain'' bits'' and then I like the whole as well.....
My eldest is still begging to have THIS one as HERS , all HERS... and there was a lady waiting at Kumon as I stitched away who started to talk of commissioning CROCHET!

I like them horizontally and I like them vertically, in fact I'm making a stripey scarf soon as well as a shawl collar jacket.

This one above is showing the new way I'm working the ''dips'' or troughs of the ripple: it'a 3htr-tog and I have written a demo tutorial with photos on the other post published today on this blog.
This smaller picture shows the previous way of doing the ''dips'' from the mid blue colour up to the burgundy colour. It changes from the royal blue colour onwards.

Can't get enough of these colours, some stripes are only 1 row and when playing with the colours I have frogged a few : this proved very useful because I now know that a single row takes up about 8 grammes of the DK wool yarn. That is for this blanket: which is 15 repeats of 14 stitches wide.
More crocheted stripes to follow soon! Happy rippley Hooking! And in case I don't make it back in time: HAPPY EASTER to all or anyone reading this. Thanks for joining me in this explosion of crocheted colour.

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At 8 April 2009 at 03:38 , Blogger Zu said...

Those colors are beautiful!


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