Sunday, 29 March 2009

Colour numbers for ripple blanket

From left upper to far right these are the following: Merino Sport from MONDIAL available from Yeoman Yarns. but you have to phone them for these handknit yarns, you can't order them on the internet as yet....

Burgundy@ # 407
Red #90
Dark orange #331
Paler orange # 410
Yellow # 504
Lime green # 158
Darker green #138
sea foam # 26
pale blue sky #81
turquoise # 109
mid blue #1
deeper blue #353
purple #59

not in the above
fuschia pink #162
deep pinky -dark berry red#47

Reason for the missing numbers is that I tore the labels off so quick so I could crochet that I don't remember all the numbers and a friend has borrowed my shade chart from which I originally ordered- oooh dear, sorry!!!

Updated on 5 April when I had my shade list back. All colour numbers now present.

See yesterday's post to see how I started with some of the colours in the ripple stitch stripes!!!

New colours which arrived on Friday 3 April but not yet used are

very pale pastel pink #595
Denim dark blue #14

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