Saturday, 28 March 2009

First few rippling rows

First few rows of the ripple balnket to share with you...
Not going to say much today as I'm not feeling so well, more tomorrow or soon I promise.

The forst red row was on Tuesday last and it took a while to decide what to work after the burgundy row and then after the pink row too- various options were tried and frogged...

This is how thw wholw length looks: 15 repeats and now at approx 112 cm width.

Without a flash...

With flash on....
I changed the way I do the dips- after the purple row I think- can you see the difference? I'll explain and demo next time.
Not sure about the narrower rows either- kind of fun but not sure it ''works''....I think I'll continue to throw some in when I feel like it, to have all 2 row stripes is a little too regular for me...?????

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