Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Foot surgery week 4.

The latest update is that the pains ARE getting less especially during the day and when resting.
Preferably I now have the foot on a second chair in the kitchen while I work on the lap-top.

Those sudden stabbing very painful jabs are much rarer now but especially in the evenings after 9pm there are still ''twinges'' and some are in the heel as well as the toes and sometimes my toes go very very hot for no reason. They do prefer to be back in the sandal with the hood on rather than with a sock inside the sandal.

I find cycling every other day works a treat and cycling by using the heel more than the toe end on the right foot anyway.

I do find my fitbit thinks I do well over 10,000 steps a day but that cannot be right, must be some of the crochet I;m doing a bit of.
By 11 pm today 28 Sept I have had no painkillers at all as yet. There was a lot of sitting today to watch the HV conference online. I'd only done 5000 steps by 4 pm?

I'm at 8686 now but the good news is I have had my second shower! And can stand full weight bearing on both feet... I also realise I should have been strapping the third toe DAILY - oops.
 So this was just before the shower,
 Still before and looking a bit odd.... Probably the angle of the foot and camera , I a probably heel weight bearing which is why the toes stick up? It's got to be a bit of a habit.
 After the shower just trying to stand normally. Is the right foot smaller than the left now?

Mmmm? Maybe its because the ankle bones are not lined up.
Will not worry about it, it will be my weird camera angle.

So this is the foot status 26 days after surgery. In 2 days it will have been 4 weeks out of the 8 week minimum rest period....

I cycled after 5 pm today, just into town and back, it felt great! 
Getting out and a bit of freedom and social interaction.
I was getting a bit down and very isolated!

Only 2 dogs for company for days on end between 7 am and 6 pm!


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