Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Doris Chan red marble cardigan finished!!!

It's finished and now I LOVE it!!!!
From Doris Chan's book EVERYDAY CROCHET : using a 6mm metal crochet hook and JC Brett MARBLE CHUNKY in the red mix colourway.
It used 575 g so 3 balls will suffice for the 2nd smallest size in the book.
It was relatively easy and i'M THRILLED at having learned the FSC!!!
Founsation single crochet in USA speak or foundation dc in the UK.
It's a way of starting crochet without a CHAIN!!!!
The daigrams in the book are REALLY CLEAR : so have a go too!
I'm now also on RAVELRY and I found via Ravelry groups that there are a lot of Doris Chan crochet- alongs on the crochet-me website if anyone is interested....
Quite a few of the garments from the above book have been interpreted in different yarns and in the most FABULOUS ways and the fir is sooo good!
You can custom fit the sleeves and body and raglan sleeves are so very comfortable!
Therefore I think I am highly recommending this book!
I also like the way you can vary the fastening with these beaded linked buttons- I have made 3 of these to insert where I fancy.

The back

The stitches