Friday, 11 May 2007


Here are close up views of just the beanies, to see the girls wearing them you need to have a look at an earlier post...

The one on the pudding basin- solo at right is HAT NUMBER 1, the iother with the dark purple scallop edge is hat number 2.

Here follows the pattern I used: they weigh about 38-42 grammes each ( as a finished hat) and were made in DK ( UK terminology used throughout with translation at the end for the USA)

weight cotton yarns , it's an ideal way to use up your yarn stash!

I purchased the pink and lime greens specially because I really wanted to play with those colours...


You need a 4mm hook, but I work quite loosely and as the construction is quite stretchy I don't think a gauge swatch is necessary, however if you know you work quite tightly , you may want to use a 4.5 or even 5mm hook?!!

If buying from new you need 5 colours you love, 1 X 50 g ball in each.

I have used the following:

A: Dark purple shiny stranded pure cotton DK - pengouin brand I think

B: FUSCHIA PINK: Rowan handknit cotton

C: LIME GREEN: Rowan Calmer

D: Turquoise: Rowan linen and cotton- it comes wound over a cardboard core- like a toiletroll....

E: Sirdar pure cotton DK in pale lilac

HAT 1:

rnd 1:Using E , ch4 join with slst to form ring

rnd2:ch4,work [1tr,1ch]into the ring 7 times,join with slst to 3rd ch of beg 4ch.

( you now have 8 spokes of a wheel)

rnd3:Ch5 ,work 1tr into chsp( chsp=chainspace) ,ch2*[1tr,2ch,1tr]in next chsp,ch2,rep from *all round,join with slst to 3rdch at beg.

You now have 16 tr.

rnd4:Change to C

Ch5,work1tr in chsp ,ch2,1tr in next chsp,ch2*[1tr,ch2,1tr]in next chsp,ch2,1tr in next chsp,ch2,rep from * all round,join with slst to 3rd ch at beg.

You now have 2 tr in a ch sp and then 1 treble in the next chsp and then it repeats( 2:1 etc)


rnd5:Change to A

Ch5, work 1tr in 1st chsp,ch2,1tr in next chsp,ch2,1tr in next chsp,ch2*[1tr,ch2,1tr]in next chsp,ch2,1tr in next ch sp,ch2, 1 tr in next chsp,ch2 rep from * all round, join with sl st to 3rd ch at beg.

You have a 2:1:1 repeat now and 32 tr in total.

rnd6: Change to B

ch5* work 1 tr in a chsp,ch2, rep from * all round, join with a slst to 3rd ch at beg.

rnd7: repeat round 6 twice more

rnd9:Change to D rep rnd 6

rnd10:Change to E rep rnd 6

rnd11: Change to A

cH 3,WORK 2 TR IN IST CHSP*[work 1 tr in top of tr in lower row,2tr in chsp],rep all round,slst to 3rd ch of beg.

rnd12: Change to C

Ch5,miss the first 2 tr,work 1 tr into 3rd tr of previous rnd,*[ch2,miss 2tr,work 1 tr into top of 3rd tr]rep from * all round,join with slst to 3rd ch of beg5.

rnd13: rep rnd 11

rnd14:Change to B , REP RND 12

rnd 15 , 16 Change to D

REP RND 6 for 2 rounds , placing the tr into the chsp s.

rnd 17:Change to A


rnd 18 Change to E

Ch1,* work[ 1dc,1tr,1dc ]into each chsp all round, join with slst to beg ch.

Sew all yarn ends in neatly.


For USA: EACH tr is a dc, each dc is a sc.

the DK yarn is approx a worsted or light worsted type yarn, category 3 to 4 in the standard yarn weight system.

A 4mm hook is a USA G/6 and for tight tension/gauge people you may wish to try a 7 or H/8 hook.

Beg= beginning ie the 3rd chain of the 5 chain or 3 chain that you did as a start to a new round.

This changes the chains to represent a treble.( USA dc)

HAT 2 : This is the one with the dark purple scallop edge.The taller girl wears it in the photo.

The hats are the same size and stretch to fit.

Work rounds as for hat 1 but replace the colours thus:

R1,2,3,in A

rnd 4 in C

RND 5 in B

rnd 6 in E

RND 7 rep rnd 6.

rnd 8: change to D rep rnd 6.

rnd 9: ch3* work 2 tr in chsp, 1 tr into top of tr, rep from * to last chsp,work 2 tr into chsp, then slst to 3rd ch of beg.

rnd 10: Change to A

cH 5 , MISS 2 TR, WORK 1 TR INTO TOP OF 3RD tR ,* miss 2 tr,ch2,work 1 tr into top of 3rd tr, rep all round ending on a 2 ch, slst to 3rd ch of beg

rnd 11 Change to C

CH5, work tr into top of tr, * ch2, 1 tr into top of tr below,rep from * ending in 2ch then sl st to 3rd ch of beg.

rnd 12 Change to B

rep rnd 6

rnd 13 Change to A, REP RND 9

rnd 14 change to E , rep rnd 10

rnd 15,16: change to C rep rnd 6 twice.

rnd 17: change to B, REP RND 6

rnd 18: change to A :

Ch1, * [work 1dc,1tr,1dc] into each chsp all round, join with a slst to begch.

To finish: work a loose chain in D the length to fit loosely around the intended wearer's head,add 20 cm for a tie with bow or 10 cm for a tie without a bow, finish.

Weave this through the spaces in rnd 16, tie a knot( overhand) with or without a bow, weave ends back into hat, sew ends into hat and secure bow with sewing also if desired.

( Can do the latter with fine matching sewing thread if you so wish)

Variation: Add a crocheted flower to one side instead of the knot or bow....!

Further variations: Add a few more woven in crocheted cords or use ribbons?!

For Winter: make it in wool and thread wool cords or velvet ribbons through it, or finish the lower edge with a Funky fur or similar eyelash yarn!!!

ETC ETC , too many ideas too little time!

Please let me know if you use this at all, it took me a ( school)day to type up and load onto the site, was it worth it?

If someone else makes one then yes , it WILL have been.....

Sew in all yarn ends as invisibly as possible.


Sunday, 6 May 2007

Blues Necklace

Here is a necklace I crocheted as a treat the day before my birthday: it took only a few hours and as my partner didn't have time to shop this year due to an imminent and very important MBA exam , I thought I'd make something to stop too much dissappointment the following morning...

It was cheap too!

I used:

Silver plated wire from the Scientific Wire Company : available from Winnifred Cottage or Rainbow Silks or the knitting shop in Leighton Buzzard, the first one does mail order and has a website. The wire was £3 but I only used a little there's loads left. I used the .2mm thickness.

The beads are the DENIM colur way of beadpacks from Viking Loom beads: it'll take 2 of the big packs at approx £7.25 each.

I used a 4.5mm hook and after threading all the beads on the wire- very easy to do with wire no needle needed!!!!- I crocheted a chain slipping a bead into each individual chain stitch, looping the wire over each bead.

I did add a few extra beads from my stash and a few chips of lapis lazuli for a touch of semi-precious gemstone but mainly it's the denim pack beads.

Finally I added the closure and voila a new piece of jewelry for my birthday!

I get my sterling silver fittings from PG Minerals: and although the ones shown are metal as I'd run out, I'm going to replace them with nice sterling silver ones...

It's comfortable to wear and looks great with Vneck T-shirts!

I hope someone has a go too, it's so easy , quick and effective, let me know what you think?!!


Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Hip crochet Beanies

These are my girls wearing the beanies I have just made for them from my own design: pattern to follow shortly!
It was very simple and took only an evening each and even that was sewing in all the ends of those lovely colours.
I used lots of Rowan yarns and some yarn from my stash ans a 4.5 mm hook I think....
The yarns are all about DK thickness - for USA readers that's approx. 12-14 wraps per inch.
The Fuschia bright pink is Rowan handknit cotton- this season's newly bought.
The Lime green is Calmer from Rowan also purchased recently.
The turquoise is a linen and cotton blend from Rowan from last year, I made a cushion cover in Tunisian weave stitch- see the old blogger for photo and details- and I had a bit left over.
The lilac is Sirdar cotton DK- 100% COTTON and quite thick.
The deep purple is a gorgeous shiny multistranded cotton from a French brand I think, it was in my stash...
I bought it in the '' just one ball type of mood'' in Petersfield last summer- I couldn't resist it and yet had no need or purpose for it at the time.....Does anyone else do this?
Any way I love the colours and loved making them and they seem to really like wearing them too so it's WIN WIN all around....
If I get asked I will publish the pattern: it was very simple, mainly mesh from 1 treble, 1 chain...( for USA 1 DC , 1 cHAIN)
It fits all, myself, the kids etc- very stretchy.


Introductions and HELLO!

Hello here I am in my birthday sweater/jumper from 2006.
I am currently working on my jumper for my 2007 birthday- which was 9 days ago - but only the back has been done so far so it's a WIP.
I get given yarns - or cash- for my birthday you see and then I make myself something....
This is my third blog: I had to make a new one because I changed my e-mail address and as they are linked the old one no longer worked- I got to publish white sheets of screen....!!!
So yes maybe I should have added that I'm not very IT literate or competent but I DO love to blog!!!
and no I wasn't able to add this into links....Sorry.
My other works in progress are a black cotton DK shrug which has been unpicked twice and which has been annoying me a bit, I went wrong on the Happy Hooker pattern - making it longer and then getting very bored with the mesh and the unruly size of it- it's made all in one: sleeves, back and fronts.....
The I redid it and then I redid it again...Now it awaits my return from more exciting things: like my new jumper in Gedifra FIOCCO ( fab yarn) and Lana Grossa Binario ( ditto very fab)
I am also distracted by doing baby bootees for all my friends and colleagues who are having babies or first grandchildren respectively....
The day before my birthday I had a special treat lined up: I had a go at crocheting with silver plated wire and lots of beads- in a mixture of blues.
Photo and details to follow very soon.
It's turned into an ''OK ''necklace....Not bad for a first go but not fabulous either....