Monday, 24 November 2008

Christmas Box appeal hat and scarf set-free pattern

It's that time of year again: time to fill those shoe boxes with gifts for children not as fortunate as one's own!
Warm hats and scarves are needed as well as pencils,paper,soap,beads( for a girl), and other appropriate small toys.
I must admit I do buy the gloves/mittens to go with the above set from Thame market on a Tuesday!
The hat is finished with a simple motif flower from a Harmony stitch guide and a small pom pom, the scarf with 3 small - 35mm- pompoms at each end.
Made with a 6 mm crochet hook and part of a 200g ball of MARBLE CHUNKY by James Brett.
The hat used up 56 grammes and the scarf 80 g and they easily fit both a child's head and into a small child sized shoe box( from Clarks).
For once I have veered away from the usual pink for girls as my own 10 year old won't go near pink but has approved of this set.
Chain3 and close with a slip stitch., work 3 chain then 15 trebles into the circle.
Chain 4 and work 1 treble 1 chain into each treble : ending with 15 trebles and a chain3 masquerading as a treble with a chain space between each.
Chain 3 and work 1 treble into the top of each treble and 2 trebles into each chain space: ending as 48 trebles( include the 1st 3 chain as a treble).Close each row with a slipst into the 3rd chain.
Continue in trebles working one into each treble and starting each row with a chain3, close each row with a slipst as before.
After 9 rows working staright without increases: change to dc as follows:
chain 1 and dc in everystitch with a sl st into the chain, repeat for 5 more rows( 6 rows of dc in total)
chain 1 and work dc in the front loop only ( to create a foldline) all the way around, sl st in ch: 48sts.
work a further 6 rows in dc as beforefinishing with a crabstitch border if desired.
Make pom pom ( 35 mm)and flower and attach to turned back brim. Work in ends.
Fits adults as well as most children aged 5-10.
CHAIN 144 .
* (work 2 trebles tog in first 2 chains)- twice , then 3 trebles in the next 3 chains[one per stitch], then {work 2 trebles in one chain-} twice and work 3 trebles- one in each of the next 3 chains- repeat from * to end.
The (...) creates a dip and the {...} creates a point so the scarf ''ripples'' along in chevrons.
There are 12 chevrons along the length.
In following rows you always increase by working 2 trebles into a treble in the 2 trebles at the centre of a point and you decrease using a treble before the previous row decrease and the treble created by joining 2 trebles of the row below.
For better instructions- try the RIPPLES book by Jan Eaton- if my instructions are too weird?
Start row with chain 3 then work into stitches below in the same pattern as the first row above and following the contours of the chevrons.
6 rows complete the scarf- work in ends and make 6 pom poms and attach these to the scarf.
VOILA! A lovely present for the Christmas box! Can both be made in the one evening!
And would be welcomed even by our own - relatively spoilt- ''on-trend ''offspring!!!

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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

FLared filatura mohair cardigan based on ''HARU''

This cardigan is based on the HARU pattern in Doris Chan's Everyday Crochet book for the yoke and top half and I have then improvised a bit by adding flares and a more lacy stitch below the bustline .
The sleeves also were adapted by pinching a pleat at the end of the yoke pattern to create a puffed sleeve and then adding a slimline straight sleeve in the same lacy stitch as the lower body-part.
It can be worn as a deep V babydoll or as a shallow V wrapped front top.
I used about 5- 6 skeins: it weighs just over 260 g and a 6mm hook throughout.
I made it in the second size from the book up to the bustline and then increased for the flared fronts and back.
The yarn is a very old one that I hope will be re- introduced as it's been much admired!
Filatura di Crosa Mohair Multi.

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