Saturday, 21 February 2009

Waiting for the BIG day!!!

Back again and almost the end of half term.
The jumper for toddler Ben was finished in January and promptly delivered, luckily just before all that snow so maybe he's had some wear out of it in all that cold weather!

I have not yet seen him in it as he was running a temperature with a nasty cold when we visited to deliver his present.

I have returned to the backpack of many colours and as
I was robbed of my purse in Oxford in August I decided it needs a ''flap'' over the drawstring opening to make it a little ''safer'' especially as it will be carried on my back! And contrary to the belief of my kids: I do NOT have eyes in the back of my head.... But yes I DO still usually know what they are up to.....

I had run out of a few of the original cottons so I had been buying some more handknit cotton from Rowan in the sale and now wish to incorporate these into the piece.

I choose a 4/3/2/1 Hexagon ensemble as I like the crenelated adge it gives it and I'll sew it onto the piece at the points. Not all ends have been worked in yet as I have been very busy : ''moving out'' of my workroom as it will be a haven of peace and quiet for the dog to have her puppies!!!

In fact I plan to use my puppy- waiting time to finish the backpack. I'll shorlty be moving in with her - on a mattress on the floor to keep watch in the night: a bit nervously as it's both her and my first whelping.
As you can see from the pictures below: she is very big and they are officially due on 28 February . However the books say it could be as early as the coming Tuesday ( 24th) so we're getting ready.
JJ has made the most marvellous whelping box and madam has moved into this forthwith: as soon as she saw it put into my workroom!
She still lies on her back a lot and it's almost as if she is showing off her lovely tummy with all those puppies growing happily.
Could not resist photographing her in this position!
It almost Sunday and I hope she can hold off for just a few more days as I want them to be as mature as possible and my whelping ''kit'' has been delivered to work and I won't collect it until Monday
SEE this tummy and guess how many puppies she'll be having?!!!
I'll keep you all posted: HAPPY CROCHETING! And thank you for visiting and sharing these unique and memorable moments.

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