Sunday, 31 August 2008

Top down raglan shells cardigan in Marble Chunky

This is just partly completed thus far on my holiday in the Yorkshire Dales- worked only in the evenings by a log fire as the summer has not been very warm.

There's no sleeves yet and no finishing front borders- I don't think I'll need the borders- the cap sleeve is what you get from the raglan top down pattern.
I have used James C Brett: Marble Chunky and a 6mm hook and a pattern from Doris Chan's book: EVERYDAY CROCHET.
The pattern is CINNABAR on page 66 and I have used 1.5 balls so far: the piece weighs 300g.
I'm making the second smallest size- 40''- and it was quite a challenge working like this but the instructions are good and I have only had to frog a bit twice....!
The yarn used is variegated from a coral through pink to a burgundy and then brown also and is shade MC 14, I'm not sure I like the front panels as they are so different but I'm happy with the back...It's worked all in one and the extremes of colour seem to happen at the fronts in a non matching way?
It has been fun to learn a new technique with an inexpensive and soft yarn, but I may be frogging it after it's finished!
My youngest likes it a lot and if she doesn't change her mind before I have finished the sleeves I will unpick and rework it in a much smaller size for her.

Front without the front bands

Let me have your views?

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Marble Chunky AFGHAN in ripple stitch crochet

Here it is : the FINISHED TV Blanket or throw or AFGHAN!
I finished it on the night before we went on holiday to the Yorkshire Dales on 22 August 2008.
No 2 stripes are entirely alike and my daughter ADORES it, I just hope the rest of us get a chance to curl up in it too....
Each row took about 10 minutes and there are 28 repeats of 4 rows : 112 rows in total.
It took 6 balls of 200g MARBLE CHUNKY by James C Brett and a 6mm hook, I used 9 complete and 2 half pattern repeats per row of the waves pattern.
It fits a single bed as a bedspread and measures: 120cm wide and 210 cm long.( 47'' by 6 foot 11'' or approx 83'')

Here are some photos I think they are all clickable....
Details of stitch etc are in a previous post.

It fits the length of either of our sofas, but I could not get all the stripes into one photo....

Fast asleep as she's been on a sleepover and thus got very little sleep!!!!
Mostly gossip and giggles I think, so she caught up on sleep later in the daytime.....ZZZZZZZZZZZ